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TENTEN FOOD is renowned worldwide for fruit-flavoured jelly pudding under ‘TENTEN’ brand with more than two decades of experience and dedication since established in 1983. Our plant was constructed on a plot with a built-up area of approximately 66,000 square feet.

Today, TENTEN FOOD operates on its distribution network domestically as well as globally, trading various kinds of foodstuff from domestics and overseas manufacturers. Our major overseas markets consist of China, Japan, Australia, Canada, India, UK, Southern East Asia, etc.

With great concern to healthy intake, TENTEN FOOD kicked start with instant oatmeal. We dynamically work towards development of more and more healthy foods. Product’s life cycle from customer requirement, purchasing of top quality raw material, extremely strict and consistently quality control, proper and systematic storage, fast on time delivery and final customer satisfaction is always our goal to attend meticulously.

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